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Stop worrying about whether its a "woodsball" marker and just get what you feel comfortable using.
I say I want a woodsball gun because the games I go to are long scenario events where I'm playing all day. So I'd like a foregrip or the ability to attach a sling.
I don't really care about "tacticool stuff". It's why I'd want a purpose built marker so I am not trying to get rails on a 98c to fit my feed system(more about that below)

I'm looking to spend between zero and five hundred on a marker.

Hopper is easy because I'm not getting one. Going for a Q-loader.

Mask I have no idea. I don't sweat much but I do where glasses under it if I don't feel like my contacts are worth putting in.

I'll use whatever gas/air/pixie dust pushes my paint to someones face.

For a vest just something that with either last longer then a year or if it doesn't it can be sewen back together.

I plan to be more of a scout/runner so maybe a pump wouldn't be bad but I would like something with semi-auto capability at some point. I know I'm going to run into a group some day and want to get off more then a shot before they all open fire on me.

All and all I'd say my budget is a firm $1000 dollars. I'd like to keep it under that of course but if that's what it costs then that's what it costs.
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