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WTB Phantom Parts

Hey all,
I'm looking to pick up a few parts for a Franken-Phantom I'm working on. I'm only really looking for assorted acid washed parts or unique annos preferred over normal polished black The parts I'd like are:

- Acid washed frame (No blue/silver or red/silver acid), Jcurt, or CCM Phantom frames
- Acid washed 10-12rnd feed or a nice one piece feed
- Colored acrylic kit (Want feed block, gate, and UC handle)
- Acid washed/brass/nickel ghost ring
- Non-CCI UC kit (Rainman, DT1, Punisher, etc.)
- Nice big spring/seal/parts kit
- Custom parts/internals (Already have full SSC internals)

Any and all items will most likely require 3-5 days for any money to clear into PP, so there will be a small wait between when we finalize a deal and when money is sent.

PM will illicit a faster response than posting on the thread.
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