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For the 30 something year olds who finally get their kids to bed and their wife is working nights aren’t going to take comfort in the fact that their tv is streaming a show over their Xbox one. They want to $hoot something, plain and simple. Look at the original Nintendo, served one purpose and did it perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I think the additions will be very convenient but they need to stick to the meat and potatoes of the industry and produce mind blowing games with face melting graphics. Just my opinion.

MS is showing that they want part of every entertainment market. In pushing this through they will alienate a fair portion of their gamers. When I sit in front of the television I want to game. That's it. MS doesn't seem to view gamers as the absolute primary market for this (or that the ~25% of 360 owners playing offline aren't worth pursuing), so I will take my dollars and future gaming experiences and go elsewhere. And looking at how it operates and what is required... well, I've ranted about this for the last two days so I'll just shut up now...

Granted it's just the reveal, but if something puts me off this much, I won't buy it even with any future (positive) changes. They've already shown their hand to the future of pure gaming.

I do not like what MS is doing with this console and their business model in general. The phrase "don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind, but who knows what MS is thinking. I know I will take my gaming dollars somewhere where they and I will be more appreciated.

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