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I always stood by my XB360 for gaming. My brother is a hard PC gamer and i love PC's i just had my 360 and it worked perfect for my gaming needs.
I was also stoked to hear about the "New" XB from MS. But now upon reading your comments, I am left speechless.
The whole idea of one DL per disk, WTF is that about? I know they want to make more money but GTFOH. My friends and I would always be like "Hey you tired this game yet?" "No let me borrow it" "That was fun, ill snag a copy!"
You think Im gonna just keep dropping $60 + bucks on a game then every 2 weeks you release new DLC @ 9.99+ a pop.....good luck.
Gonna be a bunch of little kids on their parents $ yelling on COD anyways......Hell with that. I got rid of my XB360 and have only been getting healtier and out with my kids more anyways.

Im sure there will be some cool things as with any new tech, as im sure if i bought one i would be stoked opening up the box for the first time......but from what i see here?
Ill toss my money at a new DSLR Lens or a new Hero3 and get outside
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