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Originally Posted by MonkeyTX View Post
I plan to be more of a scout/runner so maybe a pump wouldn't be bad but I would like something with semi-auto capability at some point..
Yo Monkey boy.. try pump before you buy anything else. for recball it is more friendly for playing with recballers than anything else and for scenarioball you can go for DAYS w/o having to return to reload. I used to play with just a 200 round hopper and no pods, no xtra paint, no added weight, no added noise... just right for running and sneaking around. From reading your posts you'll end up doing this anyway in about a year, so take it from me. try it now. something on the nice but not crazy side. and I would say a nice regulated used sniper.. 14" small bore barrel.. add a 45/4500 for hours between refills. eflex mask... you will not regret it.

edit: I had one more thought for you.. Pump for scenario ball.. you open your gear bag, air up, and go on the field. you will be running missions, putting up points and being effective while the hosers are off field trying to keep their gear running. simplicity is KEY to being effective. Less is more... but quite contrary to what the advertisers in APG have to say.

if you really have to have "semi" .. man the venerable automag works and keep working and a hell of a value in the used market. Tac 1, ULE, Minimag in basic black... L10 bolt. 45/4500 back bottle.
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