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Originally Posted by MonkeyTX View Post
I say I want a woodsball gun because the games I go to are long scenario events where I'm playing all day. So I'd like a foregrip or the ability to attach a sling.
I don't really care about "tacticool stuff". It's why I'd want a purpose built marker so I am not trying to get rails on a 98c to fit my feed system(more about that below)

I plan to be more of a scout/runner so maybe a pump wouldn't be bad but I would like something with semi-auto capability at some point. I know I'm going to run into a group some day and want to get off more then a shot before they all open fire on me.

All and all I'd say my budget is a firm $1000 dollars. I'd like to keep it under that of course but if that's what it costs then that's what it costs.
Wasnt trying to be argumentative, just puzzles me when people specify one marker over another as "woodsball". IMO, any marker can be used in any type of game. Now using a pump against a bunch of electros in a speedball game might not be considered the best choice, but I don't see the difference between using an Ego in a scenario game over using say an SP1. With that said, you specifying that you want to be more of a scout/runner and wanting something that will accept a gunstrap/sling makes more sense as you probably do want something with rails or sling point attachments. Most markers have foregrips, so not getting that part, but moving on.

I would probably agree on the TMxx and SP1's. All are fairly light and easily slingable. Couple them with a small HPA tank and you can have a very light capable setup. If you are wanting to stay away from electros, I still have to suggest an Automag. You can get a nice Tac1 for $4-500 used. Exceedingly durable. Only downside is they are not the most efficient, so you would probably find yourself needing a larget tank then the choices above.

I sweat quite a bit, so I am a fan of fans for masks. I have a pair of Profilers that I installed a couple of FANZ fans on and neve had a fogging issue. Not sure how they do with glasses though, I personally would find a shop to go to and try some masks on with your glasses to see which works best for you.
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