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For under a grand there are a number of "mil-sim" directions to go.
$100 for a mask (I also wear glasses/contacts as the mood strikes me)
SLY ProFit or Dye i3 PRO
>$200 for a Q loader setup - can include harness to carry the pods
>$200 for a vest - need long closure tabs for Qpods (spec ops vests work)
>$200 for a tank/remote setup
>$300 for a something like this(not my sales)Pink Light Specials! BT TM-15 LE
or T8.1 package with Kydex holster not directly Qloader compatible
or Tiberius Arms T9.1 Ranger FS First Strike new at $350
ortiberius t9 with a vest price dropped to $300
just look around the BST here ... if you are looking at a smaller compact "recon" style setup get some ideas and then bounce them off people here as opposed to being "open to anything help me" mode

Personally for me
T9.1 Ranger (new at $350)
- 24oz CO2($30)
- run on a remote with QD check and line cover in camo/color choice($30)
- 200 round T9 Q loader kit ($200) will include a "harness" usable with the tank on remote or for even less weight/encumbrance the extra q pod attached and the remote tank on a battle belt/H-harness in camo/color choice ($50-100)
- Sly ProFit ($100-150 depending on lens and color choices) camo choice/HD(yellow)lens with goggle skins in camo choice
- and Valken V-Tac Pants Shirt in camo choice ($100-200) depending on exactly what you wanted

- Footwear ($100) hopefully you already have some if not then there are a number of options for decent lightweight combat styled footwear out there (look into Converse personally decent price and they fit/wear well out of the box)
But depending on options would put you over your grand in total


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