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Originally Posted by -=ArchAngel=- View Post
remember, muzzle velocity isnt the whole picture. What we're looking for is muzzle ENERGY. Some measure of brittleness wouldnt hurt either.

Personally, what im more interested in is the 121's flight ballistics (especially compared to the FS round). A lighter round with a faster speed may have its potential if its able to maintain most of it's initial speed during extended flight.
Of course, but people were wanting to know what would justify using these rounds over FS besides the price and getting 25% (made up figure) more shots for the same amount of air seems like it could be a selling point.

Even if it's less accurate and has less distance than a FS (but still more than a regular PB) - if it uses far less air then I could see it being a perfect Pistol round or the ammo of choice for people who use mag-fed rifles and very small tanks.
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