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Originally Posted by TheDeagler View Post
What exactly do you mean by "brass kit"?

I've got an extra bucket changer, clear feed block and new style rainman kit. I'm not sure I want to part with them yet, especially the rainman kit, but pm me an offer anyway.

Other than the rainman kit, the parts are extras.
Will do. I'll PM you momentarily. What I meant by "brass kit" is a set of brass Phantom parts that has been floating around. (Pump rod, VASA, vale body, or something like that) I believe the parts are/were made by FloryPB.

Originally Posted by tiny View Post
I've got a DD68 one piece feed, a carter machine 12g changer, and a 6" freak bored barrel if those interest you. Changer is green, others are gloss black.
I'll PM you in a few moments on pricing for the DD68 feed and potentially the barrel, not quite sure I want one that short yet though.
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Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
a midget moose and a cross dressing pump player........yeah that seems about on par for MCB lol
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