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Believe it or not Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is like STL in terms of heat. Side note: I love it hot. Here in Ottawa it's not a dry heat. It's humid armpit sweat heat. Like you walk outside and that **** just condenses on you. It's like Ottawa wants to lube you up before it inserts you into itself...

Back on topic: yeah I get sweaty in her but not uncomfortably sweaty.

Manning: still loving the gauntlet? No problems with the finger loops being uncomfortable?

All the best
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
I'm waiting for Walz. If you're going to do something do it right.
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Just fyi everyone the answer is stock class for all questions related to paintball and to solve all paintball related problems except carbon emissions because we gotta use those 12 grams.

Double FYI for paintball rules there should be no "offer" of surrender, its either mandatory surrender at X distance when guy is behind you or no surrender and you get shot in the booty. "offer" of surrender makes for some ridiculous and dangerous john woo tactics.
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