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Originally Posted by Rancid1845 View Post
Did Scarab say if the backs were bio-degradable?
Yes they will be bio-degradable, they have to be.

Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post

Did they say when they would be available?
Around July or so.

Originally Posted by SamAreI View Post
Are they going to be as accurate ?
Yes, maybe better. Much testing will have to prove they might be better then FSR. We were using G.I. 50 cal and they weren't fully filled. SA is making fully fill rounds to get the most paint in the 1-2-1.

Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
So still not the "final product" then?

They would have to almost add another 50 cal rounds worth of weight to get close to what the FSR is at. This is assuming since they are "adding" a fin system to 50 cal paint that they have to adhere to those same guidelines.
Once I get some, I'll weight some and post the numbers. They are making the ball and fins separately right now. If they make the shell more brittle then I don't think there will be a break issue. They did break on hard targets a lot better then a FSR.

If I get more new I will let you all know.
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