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Cool V2 DSP Phantom Sales Thread

2 full builds left to sell, 1 raw and 1 dust black includes freak bored barrel and rain cover ( $900 each plus shipping):

plus 1 dust black slide/ foregrip and feed combo


With raincover, 11.5" barrel and CAR stock:


THE BARE SLIDE WILL LOOK SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. IT WILL HAVE A SMALL PLATE IN PLACE OF THE FOREGRIP. 1/4" thick or less. its the pump adapter. no pics because it doesnt exist yet

Please note that the phantom feedblock is not stock. thats my modified version from inside the feed.

Sorry i have no pictures of the vsc slot. its just a slot on the rigt hand side at the back of the slide to clear the fitting. i can show it on the model, but i dont have my laptop handy.


All outside surfaces are aluminum and can be annodized. The cover is held in place by a removable delrin bushing on each end. The rear is a sliding fit and really just keeps it straight. The front is a transition fit. Its not really press fit but it should not be a slip fit. They will be made slightly undersize so that you can sand out the inside of the bushing to precisiley fit you barrel. Not to tight, not too loose, no damage to anodizing, seconds to remove. Can be dissasembled without tools. DOES NOT REQUIRE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A STOCK PHANTOM BARREL. You can use it on any phantom -OR- any barrel of similar size. Another barrel might require more sanding of the delrin bushings though. I'll make extras of those lol.

If anyone wants them for 1" barrels I can make 1" rear caps so that it will clear the barrel. The front cap stops on the front of the barrel for a clean look. That will work with any barrel.

CAR Stock adapter plates ( the raw aluminum piece) are used to adapt an ASP CAR stock assembly for use with any phantom feed. No need for a special 1 piece feed. Allows the CAR stock to be used with the DSP slide. IF you want to the CAR stock to be useable with the DSP frame you will need to send in the valve body for porting. Prices below. The CAR stock adapter plate can be used with ANY phantom CAR stock combination. It is not DSP specific.

Additional information and pictures can be found here:

Dsp v2


-45 frame configuration
-12 gram CO2 in grip
-Bobbed & ported valve
-Optional configurations
-Fixed feed - no pinching!!!
-Slide trigger
-Accepts phantom SC bodies and ASP autococker threaded bodies
-Center feed
-Available in a complete phantom build.
-Available in raw or dust black standard.
-7/8" or 1" barrels. Bushing supplied to suit your order.
-Can be used with standard Phantom SC feeds and Hopper Adapters. It may also work with Vertical feed bodies, I don't have one to check.
-Can be used with OR without the foregrip
-Can be used with Phantom frames.
**A side tapped valve requires a VSC cut in the slide. Backbottle does not require this.
-The feed can be used by itself but it might look a little strange. See the prototype thread for pictures.

V2 Slide only - $168.50
V2 Feed assembly - $132.00 ( does not include phantom feed tube and cap)
V2 foregrip- $66.50
DSP frame - $263.00
Complete build as shown in raw or dust black, assembled and tested - $830.00
6" Phantom freak barrels will be available for this build!! - +$20 ( estimate until mike finalizes pricing)
Raincover - $70.00 ( Use with any CCI phantom 11.5"+ barrel. You fit the delrin barrel bushings to suit).
Car Stock Adapter - $15.00 ( use an ASP Carstock adapter and stock with ANY phantom feed)
Car Stock Valve RETROFIT for DSP Frame - $15.00 (Send in the you CAR stock valve body for modification to use it with a DSP air thru frame. Includes low profile side port plug.)
VSC Side porting for use with phantom VSC setup - $15.00

Shipping will vary depending on what you order. The insurance increases the cost. The following are base prices.
Shipping in Canada will be $20 CDN
Shipping to the US will be $25 CDN
Shipping to EU will be $??? CDN

Shipping to an address other than the one supplied by Paypal incurs a $10 charge. It costs extra to ship manually at the post office!

This includes Canada post expedited parcel delivery service and insurance for full value.

The way it works

If you decide to order one ( or 5 if you want )
-fill in your order information in the link at the top of the post. Whatever you order on the form is what you will receive, so check your entries.

-Post in the thread that you have ordered so that I know to check the form.

-I will send you a paypal invoice for 50% of what you are ordering. You will get my name, address, the amount of the invoice, details of what you have ordered.

-pay the invoice.

-Any changes/customization that you ask for ( other than those listed) will be completed at the end of the manufacturing process. I can handle any customization that you want, but it puts your shipment to the end of the list. I want this production process to proceed as smoothly as possible, building 10 completely custom makers when I am supposed to be building 10 identical markers is not efficient.

-Customizing will be charged according to hours and materials used. Payment is due before I ship.

-Based on my current schedule, I can complete fabrication in 14 weeks for up to 20 markers. Less than 20 may or may not be less, more than 20 will likely be more.

- Your down payment is part of your contract with me. It shows that you have ordered in good faith and wish to complete the transaction. It is non refundable, don’t ask for a refund. The only way that you will get that money back is if I cannot complete the order ( this has NEVER happened).

-You will recieve the second invoice for the other half of your payment,plus shipping when yours is ready to ship. Other shipping options are available for an additional charge. You will pay through the nose for UPS and Fedex, I don't recommend them
DSGs are in stock
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