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And as far as gear goes mask,protectors and what ever else people wear make First Strike
approved gear.
This thing is not going away so safety gear manufactures need to get on board.Be the first. Our mask can take a direct point blank First Strike hit.

If it's only the mask that makes insurance companies nervous make a thicker lens.

Most other extreme sports have tougher gear.

Change the rules ! Make better safety gear.

This is a First Strike Game 350 FPS. You must wear FS approved gear to play in this game. The Ref will check you gear.

We do it now.This is a pump only game,this is a a stockclass only game,this is a 40 round only game,ect.

We obey rules now. Just change the rules for First Strike.

If we change the rules the guns will get better,the gear will get better and the game experience will get better.

This will not affect paintball games. People will still play paintball with round gelatin balls filled with paint.
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