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Originally Posted by Warrzone View Post
Mount an expensive Iphone (or a superior android ) to a paintball gun to get shot at? Ill pass.....
^heck yeah

Originally Posted by moving_target View Post
I think that this company is actually developing this for firearm usage, not necessarily paintball usage.
was thinking the same thing......

Sadly, i've been in paintball a long time, a very long time, and time and time again, the topic, OMG DOES THAT SCOPE WORK!?!??! come up.

Once again, NO. until they develope a sight that takes the trajectory of a paintball fired (outta your marker, with the paint you are using for that day, and the barrel you will be using), calibrates it through a computer to make a sight corrective for the deviations in the day, this device, will be....... USELESS, and even if they did that, the lack of uniformity amongst paintball ammo even from 1 bag to another would make it still medium in accuracy at best.

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