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Originally Posted by Somnambulistz View Post
^heck yeah

was thinking the same thing......

Sadly, i've been in paintball a long time, a very long time, and time and time again, the topic, OMG DOES THAT SCOPE WORK!?!??! come up.

Once again, NO. until they develope a sight that takes the trajectory of a paintball fired (outta your marker, with the paint you are using for that day, and the barrel you will be using), calibrates it through a computer to make a sight corrective for the deviations in the day, this device, will be....... USELESS, and even if they did that, the lack of uniformity amongst paintball ammo even from 1 bag to another would make it still medium in accuracy at best.
I second this.

The issue is we are not shooting bullets. We are shooting gelatin balls full of fluid (paint). They are mass produced and you can get vararence between not only bags but even among the balls in a single bag.
Throw in temperature, humidity, oil from your fingers (gettting on the paintballs "insert comment here") and whatever residue that builds up in the barrels from fired or broken paintballs and accuracy is compromised.

As I tell people an ideal bore to paint match, low humidity, low wind, good quality paint a fired paintball will do what the heck it wants.

I also agree with other posters here about putting an expensive cell phone on a paintball gun that WILL be shot with paintballs (multiple times and some at close range), dropped, banged around, and possibly fall off (this being lost or stepped on) is a REALLY dumb idea.

We already have small durable cameras that are designed for paintball (and other extreme/rugged sports) why not just develop a small/durable screen attachment.

Or make it a one piece scope where not only you get recordings but real time viewing (for that call of duty feel).

I presume such a device could be made within the 300 range (what a camera now runs). Especially if you leave out that BS hyped tech that helps aim paintballs (at least until the tech TRULLY works).

Sounds like another thing for those who value flash over function.
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