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Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
High of 84 forecast; shouldn't be too bad. Where I'm at:

New Viking: Ultra-light frame is on. Just talked to AKALMP and my eyes won't be here in time. Doesn't mater because I still haven't figured out how to pull all of the stripped eye screws. Gonna run it blind.

Just use a Rotor

Old Viking: Unusable because I stole its sear pin for the new Viking (the one that came with the new Viking is jammed into its frame hardcore).

Why bring it..

PPS: Bottomlined since my T2W is on loan but the pump assembly is in pieces as I'm making a new, non-aggravating retention pin. Just gotta squeeze in some Dremel time one night this week.

  • Sr-1 - Hoping to get some field time in for fun
  • Karnivor - it'll see the field for the first time in 2 years...
  • Shocker - gotta let it outta the bag
  • P68SC - eh why not...
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