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CCM'd Karni and Brindle T2 for sale again!

Bumping this back up. I just got back from vacation, and of course work is dead slow. Cash is tight, so I have no choice but to sell some of these, preferably quickly. Dropped the price $100 on each to move them.

That said, I can not do trades on any of these. Cash Only.


CCM Brindle Camo T2

I believe this is 1 of 4 or 5. These are rare, no other way to put it. This one is a little bit finicky, I've had some issues getting it to consistent field velocity. I was going to send it out to CCM to have it checked out, but haven't found the time. No major scratches or dings. Will come with 4 sizers and a no-rise feedneck along with the low-rise pictured, and a TonSixers hitman grip.

Asking $700 shipped.


CCM'd Karnivor Pump

This gun has definitely made it's rounds, and it's a very unique Karni body. There is no slot milled for the eye ribbon, so it's a very clean body with a pump setup. Has a Checkit eye cover, BL torpedo reg, gear drive ASA, CCM guts and Karnivor pump kit, and a freak bored Eclipse solo barrel.


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