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Also having velocity issues

I want to jump in here too to not start another thread about the same thing.

I used my Ninja 13/3k tank, the 22/3K tank also with a Ninja reg at "HPA", and also tried a DXS 50/45K - all were filled with 3k psi via my scuba tank shortly before testing. I refilled the tanks yesterday and tried again today with the 13ci and 50ci.

The best velocities using paint (Draxxus gold) and my axe barrel (it was cocker threaded by alpha) never topped 260 between both days...actually, I only had one 260 today with most of the shots never getting above 240-245.

I switched to 12gms first using a bucket changer, then an ASA dropout changer and was getting shots that were really all over the place with the first mags worth on each 319 and 320 respectively and most of the first 9 shots with each type of 12gm adapter over 300. The shots then came down to the upper 290s and eventually had a few in the 250-270s before they dropped into the 100s and then stopped.

I live in Deep South Texas along the border and the outdoor temp was about 95-98 but dropped a few more degrees as it was nearing sunset with a nice 75-80% humidity. I would rather rely on the compressed air tanks, but yesterday, I had already tried turning it up all the way. Any additional suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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