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Originally Posted by ruraldawgs View Post
I humbly dis-agree with you. I have a Hawke X-bow scope on my T9.1 and its flawless (almost). The Hawke XB-1 has an adjustment for speed of which I have dialed mine in for ~270. The multi reticules help with range finding. With FS rounds and a rifled barrel, I am feared on the field. Since a Tango is usually horizontal I have no problems landing a 1st shot on the target even if I guess the distance a little wrong.

But go ahead and keep spreading this misinformation ! It makes it better for those of us setup for FSR. One shot, one kill

Lets look at the main fact you point out. You are using FIRST STRIKE rounds.

They have a hard ring that gives it balistic properties closing on bullets.
So your information is accurate.

HOWEVER paintball players use as a whole standard paintballs.
Most cannot afford to shoot them as a regular item along with the fact most fields and events DO NOT allow them (for insurance reasons primarily as well as other reasons).
So there is no misconceptions.
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