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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
How late do the night games go?
Last year, Gio said night games would run as long as people wanted to play. Last year we played until 1130-12am, I think. The latest they've played is until 3am, at least that's what Gio said about past night games. It was still pretty warm at night.
Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
About to pre register now but I have a question... Should I pre order paint or should it be fine to purchase day of ? I plan on using their mid grade stuff.
Purchasing the day of is fine. Even if you prepay, you still have to wait for the paint to arrive. The paint arrives late friday night sometimes. We had a really bad experience with the mid grade paint though. It was very, very oily. It was so bad I had to change out about 1000 rounds for slightly less wet paint. We still had to roll them around in towels to remove the excessive oil. Everyone who bought the midgrade had similar issues. Your best bet is to pay for the premium to avoid the issues.
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