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Diomedes: cool. Just plain awesomeness
Cobryne: more awesomeness. Great idea.
Turbowagonman: if I had half your sewing ability my wife would have some pretty unique lingerie. Well done man. That looks easy to use and play with.

This past weekend my brother and I played a big game and I forgot my stalker at home. Idiot. Thank god for modular molle setups. He pulled off a 6 tube DBD panel and I wore it on my belt and played capless. I really liked it. Loading was easy and clean. It was on my left hip and didn't impede movement. We always bring a caddy to the deadbox for reloading so when I shot all my tubes and then stole all my brothers right off him (sorry bro) I would just refill there. Worked well, probably be great for just rec play
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