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Originally Posted by dorsai View Post
For those of you who've been wondering where to go
for something to eat while you're on site, especially if
your unit isn't going to be offering a 'meal deal' like
the 899th and the 1st ID groups are, there's a couple
of on site places that offer some great food. The first
is the D-Day Café, which is under new management
this year and the other is a mobile 'Domino's Pizza'
Folks, don't get the mistaken impression that the 899th and 1st ID are the only two units (especially since they're both Allied) that have meal plans. They are definitely not the only game in town! Several other units, including Germans, do as well including my own 914th. We have a wonderful woman who sets up a field kitchen and cooks amazing food throughout the week. If you're worried about food during the week, then join the 914th and worry no longer. She serves breakfast and dinner throughout the week and makes sure we have cold water to drink when we come in from the field.
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