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I am returning to paintball, living back in CO, and fully concur.... people who want to blast away & waste paint can go play another time in a different scenario. [Rant] I left because the game honestly became boring with too many little dweebs thinking fast-shooting a case per game equaled skill. Actually, the old "mature" dweebs put the lid on it after I watched quite a few let their ego's ruin the game for so many first timers in rec ball. Instead of supporting the newbies to come back out again, they had to somehow fulfill their lack of girth/length and panty size. It just got old. The reason I am re-investing in the game/equipment is due to quite a few friends prodding me about the serious intentions of so many good and real players finally returning to the roots and actual SPORT of it. Honestly, the last few years has been like watching unskilled hunters run to pre-determined spots and then go to town on fenced-in deer with AK's. *yawn*

Prove the rumors right and support the movement so many feel the game needs! You don't have to build a scenario to make everyone in the region happy, build it with the rules you desire and let those who want to play, play. If you build it, they will come. It's like all the B.S. around when they changed the smoking laws in CO (or any state for that matter), everyone complained bars would lose money when in reality more people started going back out again. You "alienate" one type of player, yet attract another.

Set it up, boys. I am in!

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