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Originally Posted by wingbatwu View Post
Slightly OT but does anyone know if anyone offers custom rifling on MCB? I d love to get a SS Freak insert rifled...
Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
You may be in luck, but you may have to wait awhile. When I find out more I will point you in the right direction.
*If* the CNC rifling project works, I would *not* want to run it through anything as thin as an insert, as it will deform the insert, rather than cut the pattern into it. Inserts *might* be able to be created by rifling a heavy wall piece of barrel stock, and then turning it to Freak OD.


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Brass Freak compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .680, .678 (on request), and .685 (As I no longer have access to the machine to make certain sizes, I will not be replacing any which go out of stock.)

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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