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Originally Posted by Rainman229 View Post
Your not talking about something that gas and few hundred pounds of pressure. It,s just spring loaded and at the most depending on spring would have less then 50 pounds on it. Plus what's the worst that could happen it blows out. And if your playing while that happens your eyes are protected lol

I guess that cap served two functions then.

I am primarily cautious that this might not bode well for others if they attempted to do the same. I don't want to see anyone get hurt, especially at the hands of an idea I put out there. I'd have been ten shades of "oh hell!!" if someone got yakked in the neck by a piece of brass.

If anyone does find someone else knocked out from a flying piece of brass; please remove said piece of brass from their forehead, pop paintball between your index finger and thumb, and rub paint over wound. Run like hell and seek assistance.
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when you're in the minority what you do gets viewed as what "your people" do.

why do you think i drive so carefully?

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