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Hey check it out! A place to put my old/replaced iPhone so it can get torched :-)

It should just come w a Otter box or a way to run a better camera/optic.

On real steel I wonder about recoil shaking that phone's camera to bits. A .22 would be ok... not sure about a .223.

I love FSRs, own a DAM. Every event I've done with it... I've had no issues with FSRs being banned. I have used the IZON a bunch and also tried to get a scope dialed in... I think the IZON is a better option for my style bc I want to run a hopper and there's not enough clearance to run most any scope and a good hopper. If someone addressed this issue and made a low profile FSR/PB scope they'd have my business. Dual crosshairs would be cool. One for FS and one for real world PB.

The IZON at least lets me get a reference (like the center dot of a circular retical, I'd rock a red dot like that), but I also find just a clear line of sight over the top is very effective w FSR inside normal PB range. I haven't run/ruined the scope in game, it's been a waste of money and FSRs for me so far. I wouldn't take good optics out to play PBall, not worth it. I just own the Tib 4x and it's so so. I might try it on my .22 just for a laugh next family reunion in VA :-)

Best sight/ FS setup I've seen was TechPB Mike`s EO Tech for the FN303 on his DAM. Not magnified but it sounded akin to that aforementioned xbow sight. Not everyone can run a holo sight on a PB gun
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