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They have a second, much smaller field which is located
behind their store, where players also go to play. Their
big field (1,000 acres) is just a few miles away.

What I'm not sure about is if they're going to allow FS
to be used at the smaller field, which is more like a
speedball field with a colelction of small structures
instead of inflated ones, or not?

Just confirmed as well that David Willaims, owner of
Carmatech will also be in the vendor area displaying
his SAR-12 in Hammerhead Barrel's booth. He's also
planning to take part in the main event on the 15th,
as part of the allied OSS unit.

Finally, D-Day is also offering to let players come and
play for just a day, any day between June 10-14th.
The ONLY day they won't be able to do so is Saturday
the 15th.

For hours of operation at their store field and asnwers
to any other questions, suggest calling them directly.
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