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I'm adding the original sales information to this post for any interested parties...

"Up for sale today is a very unique Tippmann marker. I tuned this baby to be the smoothest shooting Tippmann 98 I possibly could make. It will run on as low as 225PSI input, and still fire at 280 FPS.

The marker has the following upgrades:
  1. Prototype ETS-98 "E-grip" kit
  2. Tippmann low pressure kit
  3. Palmer's Fatty Stabilizer
  4. Proto Primo hopper
  5. Custom aluminum powertube, with no Response Trigger port
  6. Derlin bolt with O-ring

The Primo hopper feeds flawlessly on all fire modes, and the ETS-98 kit is an early (pre-E-bolt) attempt at a select fire kit. It is pneumatically operated via a cylinder ram hand fitted inside the grip. The 9V must be stored outside of the frame because of the size of the pneumatics. When I spoke to the folks at Tippmann, they said this kit was never ready for full market release.

Also included in this deal are the following:
  1. Original box, spare parts, lube, paperwork and wrenches
  2. ETS-98 kit instructions, spare 9V's, and tools
  3. Low pressure kit box, and instructions
  4. NIB original Flatline barrel kit

I played one day of rec play with this setup on Saturday 6/1/2013, and everything performed exceptionally. There isn't enough pressure behind the bolt to actually chop a ball if you do get a misfeed, which is a very welcome feature for a Tippmann. This was the ONLY play time this marker has ever seen."

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