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Originally Posted by SpinDoctor15 View Post
Sweet setup dm6r, what stock and what hand guard are you using there?

I'm also very curious to see how the Apex works out (do you have the 1st or 2nd gen?)

Donut, they are sticking with .683? I think uv_halo's tests showed a bit of damage to the fins at that bore...
Stock is a Magpul UBR, hand guard is Yankee Hill Machine diamond series, 9.675" length. I'm thinking about switching to a Daniel Defense RIS II, but the 10" ones are a little tough to find at the moment. Apex is a Gen2. I bought the whole SuperFreak kit the other day since I'm sick of my old freak barrel, and thought that looked pretty cool on there. The entire setup actually looks really good with the carbon fiber tip as well, I'll have to snap a pic.
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