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Should FSR Go Mainstream?

FSR has gotten a lot of attention lately and most of it positive, but I foresee a problem with the FSR going mainstream. First of all I don't think it's a good idea to have markers like the DAM shooting FSR's in bonus ball fashion. In my opinion it's not that kind of round. Sure it is capable and I will admit putting rounds down range is a blast, just not so many at once. I honestly see an inherent danger to our sport and our local fields, not to mention the growth of the sport.

Of course my opinion is biased as I advocate a slower paced game helps to grow our sport. I mean really what momma wants to see Jr. show up not only bruised but possibly injured. Yes I said "injured." Not being one to take other peoples word for the sake of agreeing, this week I conducted my own test on FSR and was somewhat dismayed at what I found to be an inferior product when it comes to player safety.

My test was simple. Shoot an FSR at a target and see what happens. What I found was something that I know I will chastised for mentioning and that is the shell can be dangerous in its current state. As you can see in the photograph below, the FSR appears to me not to be as biodegradable as everyone would have you believe. Secondly, the fill is not as water soluble as regular paintball fill. This in it self could cause us public affairs problems by it self. I first noticed this when I shot my neighbors roof across the alley, yep that could cause problems too. That white splot remained on the roof for weeks, even after we had severe thunderstorms, the mark remained. Advocates of FSR might say of course you shot a porous structure and the paint soaked in, but this is simply not the case. What I found is that unlike regular fill which runs clear after a few hours, the FSR fill sticks like paint when allowed to dry. Now I'm now Global Warming green nut but I sure the heck don't want to mark up any forest for years to come for a few moments of pleasure. Will it wash off yes, with a good scrubbing, but when was the last time you saw a group of ballers cleaning off the trees.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that until Tiberius addresses these issues I really don't believe the FSR should go mainstream. I also believe high ROF markers shouldnt be created or at the very least allowed on fields when the general public is playing paintball for the first time. I for one would not want my son getting lit up by razor sharp shards of FSR shell when he was still in his infancy of paintball, he would have never returned and besides who in their right mind would? As our options grow and specialty rounds become more of the norm I hope each of you as ambassadors to our sport will keep this in mind when playing for fun.

In my opinion FSR should be limited to Scenario and Big Game play where the big boys play and the stakes are high. Unfortunately I also believe high ROF FSR markers will signal the end to the gentlemens game as we know it. Now don't get me wrong, I love my SR-1 and my FSR's they are the next evolution in the sport of paintball but with every new option comes responsibility.

Lastly, will manufactures listen to a middle aged paintballer over the possibility of making their next million, probably not, as a matter of fact,no they won't. In the end it's all about making the big bucks despite the cost to the sport itself. Therefore I challenge each and everyone of you to be good ambassadors to this sport and to use FSR in a responsible manner.


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