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Being on the giving(Hammer 7) and recieving end of FS at a recent scenario I can see some of your points are valid
FS definatly leave a more permenant mark then normal paintballs.I attribute it to more solids to compensate for nose weight.Its more like toothpaste then normal PB paint.They do leave a welt and hurt a little more than PBs I felt
I didnt see anyone(there were many) with DAMs,Tiberius or Milsig owners bonus balling anyone,as bps are usually capped at scenarios and public fields I dont see this as a real issue.Seems that some public fields dont allow them also.Its not too cost effective to "spray and pray" with FS rounds and feel most FS users are more into the long range sniperish shots with them
I usually play outlaw\private games where ramping,FS,and almost anything agreed on as safe can be used.These are usually guys I play with regularly and we police ourselves,anyone really bonus balling on purpose runs the risk of being banned,nobody likes a bully
Biodegradeable is a term thrown around lightly with any products.Even Uranium has a shelf life.I can see this being the worst issue for FS,but the volume of rounds shot is a small percentage,PBs can take along time to biodegrade also
Dangerous?Any flying projectile is dangerous.More than PBs,I would say yes to a degree.We have all been cut by shell particles at some point,at least theyre not Monsterballs.
Mainstream?After seeing the amount of players at the scenario with FS guns Id say theyre here to stay,like it or not.Cost will deter a few people but once youve seen them in action it will tempt many to try them.
Answer to your pole,Yes ,but I dont see you as full of it.A good discussion to have and youve got very valid points
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