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is my vid card dying?

have a gtx 460.

a few days ago while at the desktop, it blacked out. after a few seconds it returned to the desktop and the system tray showed a popup saying the driver recovered from a crash.

next day, it happened again but didn't recover itself, with the monitor showing that "no signal" indication i went ahead and unplugged the hdmi cable from the back of the tower and plugged it back in. after a few times the picture returned.

i tried running team fortress 2 and it crashed. after trying for the 3rd time it finally worked, and it has been working fine since.

i updated the driver. now, whenever i turn on the computer, once it reaches desktop it will black out for half a second before returning to normal. it will do this about 5 times before it stabilizes, but it does so on its own. the same thing also happens if i turn off the monitor while leaving the computer on, then return after a quick trip out the house.

is this a cable problem or should i upgrade? i bought the gtx460 hoping it would last, but now i'm eyeing a gtx660 especially since it comes with metro last light... but it's still an extra $200 that i'd rather not spend unless i have to.
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