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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
My number 1 reason I don't think they should go mainstream:

It'll be the same ol' game of paintball (snapshooting, accuracy by volume, etc) over a longer distance.

As for the environment: The paint and gelatin from regular balls doesn't exactly work wonders on trees either. I suspect that the residue left on surfaces by regular paintballs (i.e. on stop signs) is the same as left by FS rounds, there's just more of it (to up the density).
I do not think they will ever replace normal paintballs, in terms of close range. There will always be a market for close quarter games. Fsrs will not provide virtually any advantage under 50 ft and barely any at 100. In fact they will never be a 10bps >3 second round, due to mag limitations. Not including a box mag for fsrs, but fields will likely not allow a fsr filled box mag. In terms of consistent rapid fire, hoppers have fsrs beat. I am OK with this, oblong rounds should be used for long range shots and have a minimum engagement distance of 100 feet. My .02
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