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Wear comfortable stuff.

5lbs combat boots, a vest packed with gear, and a 4' long (good lord!) gun may look cool, but you're going to be playing all day and after a few hours all that stuff tends to really wear you down.

Specifics: comfortable shoes since you'll be on your feet all day, underwear that won't bunch up as easily (I don't believe it, but I've heard thongs are actually comfortable after you get used to them and they can't bunch up), knee pads, a sports bra and some sort of padding for that area (a padded shirt or bra over the sports bra because I've also been told that getting shot there is a bit of a pain).

Also, bring extra socks - nothing sucks quite like stepping into a mud puddle and having wet and/or grainy feet for the rest of the day.

Besides that, carry plenty of water and an energy bar or two with your gear.
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