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that escalated quickly
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Pistols: 3357, PGP, Duckslide Phantom & TiPX

Everything has been SOLD!!!

Thanks for looking.

Will listen to all trade offers, but here is my Wanted trade items:
Tippmann Crossover
Tippmann FT-12
Goblin (Solo or Deuce)
Paintball pants
First Strike rounds
First Strike related gear

Crosman 3357 .50cal/caliber Revolver: SOLD.

#1-Benjamin Sheridan PGP Pistol: SOLD

#2-Benjamin Sheridan PGP Pistol: SOLD.

VSC CCI Phantom Duckslide Pistol with Freak Barrel: SOLD

Tan colored Tippmann TiPX pistol: SOLD

OD Green 10rd. Belt Tube pouch: SOLD
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