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Originally Posted by turbowagonman View Post
What I have in mind is, mount my Male Stabilizer into my Vertical ASA then on the "IN" port of the stabilizer use a 1/8" NPT "nipple" and connect a AGD style ASA and screw my bucket changer into that. This is all just an idea I have to keep my 12 gram vertical so I don't introduce any liquid Co2 into my stabilizer but yet I can still regulate the gas going into the gun. In my mind this is not to attempt to get "more shots" out of my Co2, but to even out the gas so my shots are more consistent. What do you guy's & gals think about this idea?
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You could also use an AGD rail or grip frame ASA, or an RT VASA. I was thinking you mean the AGD VASA with "ears" for the Automag rail.

A "close" nipple is shortest, but with a hex nipple you can get it all apart without the destruction of the nipple threads.

If you are really squeezing, you can put a small piece of brass rod through the nipple to reduce that high-pressure space, reduce piercing surges, and force more gas to metal contact. A close, but loose fit should be good. I really like my regulated 12g pump.

You may (should) need to re-spring for the lower pressure. Idk about the Sterling springs.
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