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I've had really good success with shooting point blank into a trashcan with bubble wrap in it. I used the 1" bubbles. They hit the plastic bubble, don't break, and get caught inside the old bubble plastic. It works surprisingly well, except that you can shoot the ones still caught in the plastic which can ruin two in one shot. I use this for test firing/cycling/mag feeding, which has unfortunately been the case quite often.

T9 = pos. Sent to factory 3 times. Has never worked. Now paper weight.
H7 = fails to feed reliably, but fun when it works.
MR5 = similar to H7 with mag issues but accuracy akin to me just throwing the FS's down range. Any word on the MR5 Lapco barrels yet?!
Pra Pro = getting worked on by tech, due to air leak <500 rounds in.
TPX = Fun, light, jams occasionally, and about as accurate as the MR5.
Trracer = With my 9 round custom 'mag' attached to it, it's the most accurate, light, and quiet of them all. And cheapest. Go figure.

So, a lot more 'test firing' into the trashcan bubble wrap than I'd prefer. :-/

Lots of time on a true gun range 'sighting' stuff in, and the accuracy goes:
Traccer w/ HH, Pra Pro w/ HH, H7 now with Lapco FS barrel, MR5, TPX w/ Lapco bigshot. My buddies DAM, with a HH, is a 6" grouping at 75 yards. 50 yards it's a 2". One ontop of the other it's just plain insane how dead on the thing is, even in 3 round burst. But I'm just not an electro guy. I'm old school like that I guess.
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