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PE Etha

I bought this for a girl I'm seeing. She played with it once and decided she'd rather sit in my air conditioned truck and burn up diesel at $4.09/gallon instead of getting shot. I can't argue because I prefer her not covered in bruises. Also anything is better than having to "defend" her on the field (those of you who've played with your better half know what I'm talking about).

It comes with the box, factory spare parts kit, barrel, nifty allen set, barrel condom and Planet Eclipse literature.

It's mint and has shot great for me, however it is a used gun and will be sold AS-IS. I really have no complaints.

$265 FIRM shipped CONUS -or- trade?

I'll try to take a video of it shooting tomorrow, it's in semi currently and I haven't touched any of the settings. I planned on keeping it as a backup after she flaked but my 07 Ego never breaks and I've got a few Vikings. I'd really like another Viking though... so if you're willing to trade, holla.

The reason the grease tube looks lumpy is because I poached some last week when I rebuilt my Ego.

wts bko for cheap

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