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AGD Tac One Automag / Longbow ready

Got this in a trade. Finally got around to putting it up for sale. It's longbow ready with the aggressively milled tac rail Just a side note, I aired it up and no leaks. It RT'd a tiny bit with my tank (850psi reg) if you have a higher pressure you'll have no problem getting this one to rip.

Asking $OLD.

You know the drill.

AGD Tac One mag
- Used in good condition
- Stock feedneck
- X-valve (no ult. This valve RT's very well.)
- Minor scratches on valve
- Bike grip
- Dye stickies
- 12" Dye excel barrel .689
- Longbow ready

Sorry that first pic came out gross...

Here's some from the previous owner:

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