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Originally Posted by cbrpaintball View Post
wait till july hits and the 1to1 round comes out i dont see these problems with them
100% agreed.....I also have to say keep in mind companies are trying to develope a better shaped projectile. A round thats softer capable of distance and accuarcy and cheaper or at least at the same price as cheap paint. Paintball is changing becoming the go to application for law inforcment and military. Every kid wants to play G.I.Joe in the woods. Paintball is adapting to those areas and bringing more kids in with it. Example were building paintball fields around Call of Duty maps. FSR rounds are a step in the right direction but just needs some tweeking.In the end companies have to give to the public what they want or that sport will die. To think that FSR rounds will not be mainstream is impossible. We must as field owners and long time players must adapt and consider how to responsibly mentor our players to be ambassadors of the sport, not to over shoot and to discipline those that do.Like many have said "The cats out of the bag" so lets be a garden and "dig" it
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