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Sniper 1 For sale. Serial #869.

ou guys are in for a treat. What I have today is a completely original Sniper 1, serial # 869. I am the SECOND owner of this beautiful marker. You will hard-pressed to find another Sniper 1 with a serial # this low, will still being all original. There is some rust on the marker. Nothing that a little elbow grease can't fix. No marker nicks, dings or scratches to the body.



It comes with the 7 oz CO2 tank. (2) 12 gram quick changers along with the "Ammo Box"

I am NOT looking for any type of trades. All trade offers will be ignored.

1. Post before PMing me.
2. You pay, I ship.

Make me a trade offer! I want a ICD FreeStyle! Or Bob Long Intimidator (post 2k2!)

ALL lowball offers will be ignored.

Price: $300 shipped/pp'd. I have 2 more "Ammo" boxes I can add in for the right price. Thanks for looking!

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