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In all honesty I believe most of the fun of FS lies in the fact that it isn't the mainstream. When using them you have a distinct ballistic advantage over almost every other shooter on the field.

I do have to wonder though: if a shaped round (FS or anything else down the road that's ballistically similar) became the standard for paintball... How would the game change? Would ROF become less important because you don't NEED the "accuracy by volume" mentality for distance shooting anymore? Or would we just have the same amount of douchenozzles hosing just as much paint, much more accurately/painfully?

I may sound elitist for saying it but I'm frankly perfectly ok with the idea of shaped rounds being significantly more expensive than regular paint. To me that encourages it to be used only by players who are ok with putting a lot of time and money into the idea of the one shot kill, and not just hosing people down. I'm not saying I don't want the price to come down at all, but I don't think I'd ever want shaped rounds to be as cheap as regular paint.
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