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I use the cheap, shockingly decent 8 mm Rokinon for my fisheye needs. Pretty good IQ, nice quality, and really easy to focus (I don't bother LOL) as its such a small aperture on the lens.

I'd admit though, I don't really use it that much, maybe a few images a month at best. Very hard to find a purpose for it at times, but its nice if you already have your more standard lenses. Its the absolutely the last lens I carry around.

Edit: To go with what others say, look for a good ultra wide inside. You'll use it 10 times what you would use with a fisheye, and can get some pretty interesting effects with it as well. Or rent a fisheye for your shot.
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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