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T2 velocity issue

After SPE, I took my T2 apart to clean it. I left the pump on and didn't take out the valve. When I went to use it again I couldn't get it over 245 fps. Last week, I took the reg apart and checked the orings. (They all looked good.). I took out the hammer and there was no foreign material on it or in the chamber. I made sure the bolt wasn't upside down. (I've made that mistake before.) I put it all back together.

Today, I finally had the time to gas it up and try again.

Still cannot get over 245fps.

What could I have done?

I have barely had to even touch the reg or IVG since getting this gun a little over a year ago. I have taken it apart before. I am stumped.

It is not leaking air, so I still haven't gotten into the valve. Should I?
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