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Action Paintball Games 7/13/13 Rancho Murieta,CA (sacramento area)

Posting up to get a bunch folks together for a fun day of woodsball July 13th. With possibilities of leading to a regular monthly big game. Spread the word lets have some fun in the woods.

PLACE: Action Paintball Games - website with complete info Action Paintball Games

DATE/TIME: July 13th 2013 9am-4pm

TYPE OF PLAY: Woodsball CTF with end of day huge hyper ball field play

FEES: $15 field fee self equipped $10 for compressed air and Co2 $5 and up. rental packages available see website for details.

AIR: compressed to 3k and Co2 Action has been very gratuitous and agreed to $5 off all day compressed air for self equipped players

PAINT TYPE: Any brand or color okay, as far as I know.

Posted this up on Facebook as well here the link.
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