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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
Hey Vapor--were you the ref wearing a Bowser like suit? If yes, I was the guy in the SpecOps camo talking with you by the buildings near the end of the day when blue was assaulting red's base.
That was me.

Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
It was found out that a member of the blue team was shooting frozen paintballs at us (I was on red as were jszilvagyi and his kids), another member of blue was found to be shooting an airsoft gun at very high velocity and there were accusations of one member of the blue team shooting small marbles at well over 300fps (massive safety hazard).

Yeah Falcon I did hear about some of the issues with players doing things that were just plain stupid & wrong, but that wasn't until I was in the van ready to leave. I spent just about the entire day on the field planted next to the Church and witnessed nothing like that, as far as I was concerned it was all on the up and up. I don't know what is wrong with some people.
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