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I'm doing my best to work to the 3 bodies that I have. A spyder threaded sterling bronze body, a sterling threaded STP body, and a much older RF sterling body.

The lower tube ID is about .010" smaller in dia and had trouble fitting the valve from the older sterling. It does however, fit the valve body. The bolts also have to be turned down to fit the .678 barrel stock. In addition I'm using smaller o-rings on the bolts so that they will ride easier

it looks like the older sterlings were all over the place tolerance wise. So, I'm working to the two newer bodies that I have.

I finished up the lower tubes and feed tubes and need to make the barrels next.

I think If I end up making more bodies and modding as a service we will be at a conversion price of $150. $35 less if the sheridan feed tube parts are supplied.

I'm also considering offering a small bore rebarreling service for sheridans. But, thats for the future.

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