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FD t-shirt run?

So I'm wondering if you guys are interested in getting some FD t-shirts made up? I have the screen to silk screen, I just need to buy the ink. If there is enough interest I will pick some up and start silk screening them. This is what they will look like:

They aren't ultra high quality because of the process. They are very durable as I have worn that shirt countless times and it's still holding up. I can print on any part of clothing and in just about any color but I will only buy one or two colors because the ink ads up.

So answer these questions for me please:
1. Would you be interested in a shirt?
2. Would you supply your own shirt or would you like me to?
3. How much would you be willing to pay for just the screen? How much for screen+shirt
4. What color would you like?

This isn't a preorder thread, just looking at interest. I don't want any money up front but if you commit to a shirt I expect you to buy it.

People interested
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