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Food for Thought

The following came from the SR-1 section, but I thought this is where we can talk about it like civilized cannibals.

Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post
D-Day was a sick joke that cost me way too much money. Yall didn't miss much. The week before the big game was kinda fun, pretty confusing on the mini games and what they were good for, points, props, etc. The sniper course was ok, the shoot was a joke. " Ok can you shoot a round through a 3'x'4 open square at 20'?" You pass! The stalk was fun, but I wish they would have told us about the prizes instead of just letting people stumble over them and keep them. Basically, I paid $20 to be able to get a sniper card that let me on the field 2 hours early on Saturday. Oh yeah, It let me use another grade of paint that I had to buy. And of course, no first strike sniper paint. So that's 2 cases of normal graffiti, one case of white fill graffiti, and 340 firststrikes........

The mag fed game was a blast, except for a certain pro team face raping with Dam's. I have a new attitude about the Dam after the week at D-day. I never saw one used responsibly. Do you really need to burst fire first strikes at some one who is already out? I'm pretty sure I'm in someones video, yelling " Let the player out" at the top of my lungs.

My Saturday was cut short early after an eliminated tank came up and shot about 30 of us in the back way too many times. On the next reinsert, I was called out by the allies to be a sniper and they let me have it. SEVEN shots to the back of the head as I was trying to walk off of the field. I'm still having twitch/ vision issues with my right eye. I tried to tell a ref that I was marked, please go pull their honor tags for overshooting a dead man. He told me that I didn't know how to play paintball and that my own team was shooting me in the back of the head cause I had advanced too far....

On the plus side, the vendors were awesome, the paint was great and I made friends with the Carmatech guys. Great guys on and off of the field.
We won't be going back to D-Day again. We are thinking about a road trip to Living Legends next year.

Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Oh man that is disappointing. It sounds like the reffing has not changed changed much in the past few years. On our last trip the 82nd Airborne a blue team all used red tape to secure their gear to their LBE's when I mentioned it to the refs the just laughed. I mentioned it to the players the snickered, I mentioned it to the promoter and it was ignored.

As for your statement of the DAM overshooting, I suspected as much that is why I posted the FSR Mainstream thread.

That being said, it is still the biggest game around and is probably a monster to manage. There will always be problems and overshooting issues. As for jerks, our sport seems to attract them in droves, especially deep pocket jerks who can afford to spray and pray with FSR. As for pro teams slamming players just remember, just because they call themselves pros and win money at questionable tournaments dose not mean they are Professionals. A truly professional team would disband at a big game like D-Day and mentor younger players. This is where the sport fails.

Lastly, I would say hold off on being so doom and gloom, be an ambassador for the big game, contact Dewayne and in a very tactful and professional way explain your expierence and just hope he cares. The Sniper role seems to have been a last minute effort and might need to be revamped.

Maybe we the sniper community could pull together and submit our own criteria for consideration. I am disappointed that snipers were charged an additional $20.00 to play a sniper role, reeks of greed not evolution.

Tell me, in order to play a sniper was there a limitation on the equipment used? Example single shot rifles for true snipers or was it just another way to make money and if you had the extra $20.00 regardless of gear, you were miraculously deemed to be a sniper?

I hope this is just growing pains for the sniper class. I hope with the help of the community we can effect changes to the roles with the help of Dorsai and his legondary connection with the sport.

My vote would be to make it a crime for anyone to take out a sniper but a sniper ala Enemy at the Gates Scenario. Lets start there.

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