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So frustrated!!!!!

So been playing with 9.1 with the .683 barrel hawke xb30 scope. Last few weeks been chopping first strikes that's all I shoot. I've done everything cleaned, lubed, etc. last week the gun would fire then the bolt wouldn't reset. The guys at fox paint tried to fix it at the field buy no good. Then they took it and called tiberius and said they fixed it. Today same thing. Shot about 60 rounds and then blah. Sounds like a muffler. So foex said they would send it to tiberius. The guns only a few months old! I was awaiting the t15 but is it going to be more of the same thing? Thinking about the paradigm pro? Anyone hear anything good or bad about them? Anyone else experiencing similar frustration? I put so much money into this platform, the scope, the rifled barrel and 6 mags. Oh and two consecutive weekends of going home pissed lol.
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